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Library activity schedule

Sunday-Thursday 08:30-20:00  Friday 08:30-12:30

Is the library open on Fridays and the day before holidays?

The library is open on Fridays and  closed on the days before holidays. 

Is the library open for visitors?

The library enables visitors (not TAU students) free entrance to the library. 

Borrowing books requires one to purchase a subscription. 

Read more about purchasing a subscription to the library. 

Can students from other universities check out books?

M.A. and Ph.D. students can check out books after forwarding the relevant approval form from their library. For more information please contact the circulation department – 03-6408662 

How can one define “Remote access”?

Accessing online resources from off-campus computers, laptops, iPads, cellphones, etc. requires changing the computer PROXY SETTINGS 

Click here for instructions [Per Browser/Operating system] 

How can I login to the library Wi-Fi network?
  1. Logging in to the Campus Wi-Fi network (Free-TAU) requires the following password: free-tau 

  1. Please notice – logging in to this free network will not enable you to access the Tel-Aviv Library databases and electronic resources. 

Does my Library Subscription enable access to the Databases?

No. The Library subscription enables one only to check out regular loan books (not books from the CL=Limited Loan collection).  

Can books be returned when the library is closed?

Books can be returned to the Book Dropbox, which is located at the entrance to the library. Books should be returned with accordance to the loan period. 

The Book Dropbox is closed Sunday-Thursday: 17:00-20:00 

Should a group study room be pre-ordered?

Group study rooms can only be requested by students and staff members from the Humanities & The Arts Faculties. 

Logging in to the online reservation system. 

Click here for more information. 

How can a book loan period be renewed?

No need to renew – there is an automatic renewal system, which renews the loan period (up to a year). If, throughout that year, a book is requested by another reader – a notification would be sent to your University E-Mail address. 

How can I contact the Library?

WhatsApp : 050-5075982 

How can I photocopy/print/scan at the Library?

Library users can photocopy/print/scan at the library using a “Printing Card“ or your Credit card.  

Information about the location of the printers 

Please notice: “Printing Cards” can’t be purchased or re-charged at the Sourasky Central Library. 

Can I print from my laptop computer?

Instructions on printing from laptop computers. 

Can I print on A3 sized pages?

The combined printers (Printer + Photocopying machine + Scanner) on the entrance, first and second floors have an option to print using A3 sized pages. 

Is there a color printer at the Library?

A color printer is located at the entrance floor – next to the circulation desk (room 122). 

Can one borrow a cellphone charger/laptop computer/earphones?

The circulation desk enables you to borrow: 

  1. Laptop computers (limited to Humanities & The Arts students) 

  1. Cellphone chargers & Earphones – only for use inside the library. 

I forgot my username and password

Please contact (Sun.-Thu.: 08:30-18:30) the Computing Center Helpdesk 

Can guidance be requested?

Group/Class and individual guidance can be requested. 

Click here for more information. 

Speaker Phone 03-6408423 

Where is the "Special collections" floor located?

The "Special collections" floor is located on the 3rd floor of the Gruss-Wiener building (Entrance via the small parking lot behind the library building) 

Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 - 16:00 

Speaker Phone 03-6407850 

How can I request a book/theses/article via the Interlibrary loan services?

Items which are not available at any of the TAU libraries can be requested (free of charge) via the interlibrary loan (ILL) services. 

Click here for more information. 

I can’t make it to the library. Can the book(s) be sent to my home?

The service, which costs money, is available for Tel-Aviv University students and staff members. Book(s) will be sent via a commercial delivery company. 

Click here for more information. 

Lost & Found

Lost/forgotten items (from all library floors) are forwarded at the end of every day to the superintendent's office (next to the elevator on the entrance floor). 

Speaker Phone 03-6408444 

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