Visitors and Guests

The Central Library warmly welcomes researchers and visitors.
​We invite you to use our collections in the fields of Humanities and Fine Arts.

Visitors and Guests

Admission (by presenting the attendant an up-to-date card)

  • Students and staff of the Tel-Aviv University and of other Israeli Univeristies*. 
  • Tel-Aviv University Pensioners.

    * Bar-Ilan, Ben-Gurion, Haifa, Hebrew University, Technion, Weizmann Institute.

Admission (which requires payment)

  •  College Students
  •  We are open to the public - whoever wishes to enrich his knowledge. 
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Computing services

The libraries search system, DaTa, and the databases are available and can be used via the library computers.

  • Locating items using the DaTa system is also available from off- campus computers, but full-text books/articles are not accessible.
  • Wi-Fi access is possible using the Free-TAU network.

This free Wi-Fi network enables internet usage, but restricts accessing our secured databases.
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Borrowing books

  • Visitors from other Israeli Universities can borrow books once submitting a "statement of guarantee" from their University's library.
    Please notice - books cannot be borrowed from the Limudit (undergraduate) library
  • Purchasing a subscription can enable one to borrow book. For more information
  • Please notice – this subscription does not enable borrowing books from the undergraduate (Limudit) library, nor does it enable ordering books via the Interlibrary Loan Department.
  • Browsing through the list of titles you had borrowed and checking their due dates is possible via My Library Card  
    Use your I.D. Card number an birthdate (DDMMYY) to login.
  • Books can be returned to the librarians at the circulation desk or to the return box at the library entrance.
    The books should not be returned past their due date.
  • The return box is closed between on Sunday-Thursday between 17:00-20:00 and on Friday between 11:00-12:30 .
  • Books which have been claimed and are due on Friday should be returned by 12:00 to the librarian at the circulation desk.


Printing, photocopying, scanning services and ordering materials in Microfilm format cost money.
Printing is possible from all library computers - not from laptops.

  • You can use the black & white printers at the entrance floor, at the undergraduate (Limudit) sub-library, at the bottom floor and at the two top floors.
    The color printer is located at the entrance floor.
  • Scanning is possible using the combined Photocopying machines on the two top floors and at the bottom floor.

Library rules of behavior

  • Entering the library with your bag(s) is allowed. It is possible to deposit the bag(s) in the deposit box at the entrance.
    Storing items in the deposit box requires a 10 NIS coin (which will be returned upon clearing the box).
  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended. The library is not responsible to any damage done to such items.

  • Eating or drinking is permitted only in designated areas, smoking is prohibited.

  • Cellular phone use is prohibited in the reading halls.

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