Margulies Yiddish Literature and Culture Collection

Margulies Yiddish Literature and Culture Collection
Margulies Yiddish Literature and Culture Collection
Margulies Yiddish Literature and Culture Collection

The collection is identified in the DaTa system by the letters CY



The 2nd  floor of the Sourasky Library



The collection is available:

  • Sundays-Thursdays:  9:00-19:45
  • Fridays:  ​9:00-12:30


The collection, commemorating Benzion and Pearl Margulies, comprises some 4,000 books and journals in Yiddish and in other languages (some titles were translated from Yiddish), covering the following subjects: Yiddish literature, Yiddish language, Yiddish folksongs, Yiddish Hassidic tales, Yiddish folk and moral tales, Yiddish theater, Jewish theater, subjects related to Yiddish culture.

Yiddish books which can't be classified to these subjects are combined in the library's general collection.

It is an "Open shelf" collection.


Selected titles from the Margulies Collection:

·          שוואלבען: א זאמעל בוך (רעדאגירט פון ז. שניאור). ווארשא, השחר, תרס"ט.

·          שטיף, נחום הומאניזם אין דער עלטערע יידישער ליטעראטור: א קאפיטל ליטעראטור געשיכטע/ בעל-דמיון. קיעוו, קולטור ליגע, 1919

·          ניו-יארקער יידישע איללוסטרירטע צייטונג. ניו-יארק, 1888-1887

·          סוצקבר, אברהם. גרינער אקוואריום: דערציילונגען. [ירושלים], צ'ריקובר, תשל"ה 1975.

·          ימים מקדם: ספור מחיי בני ישראל ברוסיא, חובר בלשון יהודית-אשכנזית מאת יעקב חר"ש, ונעתק לשפת עבר על ידי יוסף יהודה לערנער. אדעססא, בדפוס מ. א. בעלינסאן, תרכ"ט 1869

·          בשויס זינגר, יצחק. די פאמיליע מושקאט. ניו-יארק, מ. שקלארסקי, 1950.


About the donors:

The collection was initiated thanks to the generous donation by Mr. William Margulies and Prof. Alice Shalvi, commemorating their parents – Benzion and Perl Margulies. Benzion Margulies was a publisher who had published books in Hebrew, Yiddish and German in the "Ararat" Publishing Society. He had also published the Hebrew periodical "Metsudah" in "Ararat".

Mr. and Mrs. Margulies cherished the Yiddish language, were active members in Jewish organizations and worked to elevate the Jewish community and culture in England.


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