Subscribing to the Library

We welcome patrons and off-campus visitors to browse the library's collections and use its resources

Where can I buy?

Daily Passes
You have the option of either buying a daily pass or a "10 Daily Admissions" package.  Both are available at the attendant's stand.

You may subscribe to the library at the  Secretariat's office, Room 105.  


9:00 - 13:00    14:00-15:00


​ 03-6406891/2 

To enter the library patrons and visitors alike must pay a daily entrance fee or subscribe to the library. 

Library privileges include browsing our collections, use the library's computers, print, copy, and scan. 

Please note that remote access to our web resources is not included.

Paying the admission fee (or subscribing to the library) enables one to browse through our collections, use the library computers, print, photocopy and scan. ​

Nevertheless, it does not enable remote access to our web resources.




Subscription fees (Individual) (*)

Subscription period


Admission + Borrowing
Daily admission 30 NIS  (**) -
10 Daily admissions 230 NIS (**) -
1 Year 650 NIS (***) 850 NIS
6 Months 400 NIS (***) 510 NIS
3 Months 340 NIS (***) 415 NIS (***)


(*) Subscriptions do not include the option of borrowing books from the limited loan collection nor the use of interlibrary loan services.

(**)Admission passes are personal and allow you entry to all campus libraries which are open to off-campus visitors throughout the day.

 (**) Yearly/6-Months/3-Months subscriptions are sold individually per reader) and are valid at our library only.

You have the option of subscribing to two libraries for a period of 3, 6, or 12 months. at a cost of 1.5 times the above listed fees. 

  • Soldiers doing mandatory military service as well as senior citizens are entitled to 50% off the above listed fees.
  • Alumni are entitled to 30% off. ​

Subscription fees (Institutional) 

Subscription period


Admission + Borrowing

1 Year 860 NIS 1,135 NIS
6 Months 60% of the annual fee
Group registration Based on individual reader fees, and size/type of institution


Members of official TAU alumni organizations  are entitled to 30% off the individual reader fees.

Members of the "Friends of TAU" organization who present a valid membership card are not required to pay any admission fees and enjoy 30% off subscription fees.

  •  Daily passes and/or 10 daily admission packages can be bought at the attendant's stand.
  • Subscriptions can be purchased at the library's Secretariat, Room 105.

    For more information:  ​ 03-6406891/2


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